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5 Delivery Room Survival Rules For Dads

My blogging buddy and mentor Michelle Shaeffer told me about this great, free site called Piktochart that enables non-PhotoShop mortals like me to generate cool infographics.

An infographic is a graphical representation of information in a highly-visible, easily digestible format.

Given that we’re about to have our third child, I thought I’d share five rules to help expectant dads survive and navigate the newborn experience.

With that, here’s the world premiere of my first infographic – Baby Delivery: 101.

Question: What’s a topic you’d like to see an infographic about?

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  1. Love it, Tor! This is great advice for Dads!! Congrats on the upcoming birth!

  2. If all dads would follow these rules, labors would go much more smoothly! :)

  3. Carolina HeartStrings says:

    Great tips. And the equation at the bottom really sums it all up, delivery day or any other!

  4. My dad could have used this. When I was born, it was two outs in the bottom of the ninth in the waiting room. The fact that my dad told anyone that he cared about the baseball game was dumb – they won’t let him forget it!

    • I want to laugh at this comment, but I’m certain to have a similar misstep myself during our delivery so “I’ll judge not lest I be judged.” Thanks for the comment ;-)

  5. Love this! I will be trying one soon! Thx Tor and Michelle!

    Great rules btw! :)

  6. Nice! I especially love the no pictures of Mom bit… and the snacks…

  7. wow just wow, i stopped reading at that extremely ignorant line of “you can’t argue with a pit bull”
    Peoples continuing the bullshit stereotype like this is exactly why BSL legislation exists and why in some places they would take my harmless snoopy away and kill him. I can argue with him and I win every single time.

  8. Great job, Tor. I especially like Rule #4 and think it should be used for the postpartum period as well.

  9. Tor this is awesome. Great job on your infographic. I think it is wonderful. I am sure that your wife is glad that you know all these tips already. Hope that other fathers find your advice and keep their wives happy. =D

  10. Nicole Bandes says:

    And that’s why you still have a happy marriage!

  11. It sounds like you are a smart man Tor! Can’t wait for your new baby to come.

  12. Mullenann4 says:

    Tor, I taught Lamaze Classes for 4 years in the late 1970s. It’s good to see that some things don’t change. Good work.

  13. honestly, you gotta know your own wife better than this infographic, cus a lot of the rules get thrown out the window when you’re really in the moment and it can be summed up better by just loving your wife and being selfless

  14. Great graphic – very entertaining.

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