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Fastest U.S. Marathon Sellout Ever

This morning I swung by the web site for the Marine Corp Marathon and saw that a record was set – the fastest sellout of a full U.S. marathon since endurance races have been held in this country.

This type of thing probably doesn’t matter to non-runners, but the press release below, posted by the event organizers, has some stunning facts.


Marking the fastest sellout in the history of marathon events, the Marine Corps Marathon (MCM) has sold 30,000 available online entries in 2 hours, 41 minutes, besting the previous registration record of eight hours for the 2011 Boston Marathon.

As the MCM opened registration today at 3 p.m. EST, runners registered in a fervent pace with more than 15,948 runners securing their spots in just the first hour. According to RunningUSA, today’s registration sellout of the 37th MCM is historically the fastest among all U.S. marathons events.

“For many months, runners around the world have been focused on today’s registration thanks to tremendous word-of-mouth and the opportunity to share this experience with the Marines,” says Rick Nealis, MCM Director. “The MCM staff and U.S. Marine Corps sincerely thank each of the 30,000 participants for such an enthusiastic start to this year’s event.” A veteran of 23 marathons, Bob Fehrenbach of Cincinnati, Ohio was the very first runner to register for the MCM.

“I never guessed I would be the first person to make it through, but I have had this [MCM] on my calendar and I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of registering at 3 p.m.,” says Fehrenbach, who will be participating in his first MCM. “I have always wanted to run the MCM. I have heard so many great things about it.”

The 37thMCM will be held on Sunday, Oct. 28 in Arlington, VA and the nation’s capital. For runners still interested in participating in the 2012 MCM, registration is available through MCM Charity Partners. Runners are encouraed to visit the charity page of www.marinemarathon.com.


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  1. Wow! Amazing! They sell out quick now in days. I registered on the first day from the Chicago marathon which soldout in 6 days. I think that was a record for the Chicago marathon. I think it’s a sign of the times people are running more and more which is a great thing I think. The world needs more runners it will make for a better society I believe! Louie @runlourun.com

  2. Wow – that’s great! Means a lot more people are into fitness! I’m not a runner but I can admire those who do ;)

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