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Don’t Know Much About Geography???

Photo Credit: Infoplease.com

I’m the first to admit that I slept through most of the geography classes I’ve “taken” throughout my academic career.

[EdiTOR’s Note: I use the word “taken” in the loosest sense of the term since that implies retention of knowledge on my part, which is not the case.]

I’m not proud of that fact – I’m just being honest.

That’s why I’m amazed by those individuals who know can pinpoint Timbuktu or Kathmandu on a globe or those who can easily answer questions in the geography category of Trivial Pursuit.

So you can imagine my shock and awe when I stumbled upon this incredible video below.

This combination artist-and-quasi-geography savant freehand draws the entire United States in less than 70 seconds. Watch and be amazed.

That is so cool – I’m lucky if I could draw the four squarish states correctly. Be sure to share this with your kids – they’ll get a kick out of it!

Question: Are you a geography all-star?

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  1. Ali BIerman says:


  2. hipmamamedia says:

    Whoa! I always knew lefties were more creative! Me and Sam Cooke are right there with you “Don’t know much about geography, don’t know much trigonometry…” Geography Trivial Pursuit = Fail.

  3. Bonnie Anderson says:

    This is amazing. I’ll be sharing with the grandkids.

  4. Neat! My 5 year old also thought so.

  5. Just watched it with my son. Very cool.

  6. Sweet! In school I never learned the 50 states, their capitols, or the names of all the Presidents.

    While I do have strengths, geography is not one of them. My family gave me the nickname of Miss Geography when we used to play Trivial Pursuit because I was so bad in that area. It is a nickname that has stuck with me to this day…

  7. Loved the video… and it was a lefty :-)

    I’m OK at geography… only by virtue of being a geologist though… lol…

    My claim to fame, we learned a song in grade school that we performed naming all 50 states in alphabetical order… it stuck with me so I can be considered a real geek to rattle them off in order.

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