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Communicating Without Speaking

Communications experts estimate that more than 50% of communication between humans is non-verbal.

In other words we convey at least as much meaning with our body language and gestures as with our voice and words.

That’s an amazing statistic, especially given the fact that very few people give much thought to the non-verbal cues they use every day.

That’s one of the reasons I put together this infographic on body language tips for communicators.

I gleaned all of the content from the folks at Dynamic Communicators who organize the SCORRE Conference, which I attended last week.

I used “medical motif” imagery to reinforce the communication concepts associated with body language.

Question: How much thought do you give to your gestures and body language when speaking to a group or an individual?


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  1. I really appreciate the sharing of your tips from the conference. Even if someone is not going to become a speaker, these tips are great for presenting ideas to and handling conflict with family, volunteer groups and management.

    The gestures are something I am very aware of and need work on, because my hands flail about quite a bit. You’d think I had Italian heritage rather than the quiet Scots. ;-)

  2. I only take my glasses off the change to my computer glasses, to shower and to go to bed. Taking them off when speaking is a brand new thought. But I’d sure lose eye contact with any one doing it. Which is better, eye contact or taking glasses off?

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