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Trombone Arms…really?!?

I grew up in a house jammed with music. Or drums, anyway. My dad was a drummer, so these instruments were part of the living room furniture, and a part of me. In fourth grade it was finally time to join the band. My classmates and I lined up to select our weapons of choice. “But you have good, long arms – perfect for playing the trombone!” This was the best sales pitch the music teacher could muster, after informing me that too many kids had already signed up to play the drums. … [Read more...]

7 Questions With an Author: Donna Cavanagh

This is another installment of the "7 Questions With an Author..." series, featuring writer Donna Cavanagh. Donna is a personal friend, a gifted writer and founder of the web sites HumorOutcasts.com and HumorOutcasts Press. Her latest book, A Canine's Guide to the Good Life, was "written" by her two dogs, Frankie and LuLu, and is a guidebook described as "....a short, tail-wagging tale that tells it like it is when it comes to reining in an owner and getting the upper paw." A portion of … [Read more...]

Belated Memorial Day With Cleverbot

One of the more popular features here on The Daily ReTORt are my conversations with Cleverbot. What’s Cleverbot you ask? Cleverbot, is Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) software  that supposedly learns by conversing with humans via an instant messaging platform. I've never found Cleverbot to be intelligent in the purest definition of the word; however, interacting with this particular “thinking” software can be mildly entertaining. Here’s the most recent interview I had with this … [Read more...]

Talking Taxes With Cleverbot

Periodically I engage in conversations with an online, artificial intelligence (AI) software program called Cleverbot. The Cleverbot web site claims that the software learns from humans and becomes more human as it interacts with us. During the dozen or so conversations I've had with this computer interface, I've found it to be anything but human yet mildly amusing. A recent "talk" with Cleverbot is chronicled here when we discussed the virtues and history surrounding Martin Luther … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Beat the Honey Do List

Here's a guest post from a great writer, Marie Ortiz, who's a part-time staff writer for www.DIYMother.org and a full time social media manager. She is a mother to two beautiful girls and enjoys teaching them and watching them grow. She loves to share her findings along the way. If you'd like to write a guest post for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines here: ======================== My husband and I have been married for ten years and together, we made and raised two … [Read more...]

7 Questions With an Author: Steve Rizzo

This post marks another installment of my “7 Questions With an Author…” series, where I ask published authors an unchanging set of questions and share their responses here. Today’s featured author is Steve Rizzo. Steve Rizzo is a personal development expert, whose clients include American Airlines, BP, JP Morgan Chase, Scholastic, Sprint, and many others. He's also an accomplished comedian who has performed with headliners such as Drew Carey, Eddie Murphy and Jerry … [Read more...]

Super Bowl vs. Valentine’s Day

Here’s the latest episode in my “Wedded Blisster Series” of animated movie shorts. Marriage is bliss, but these mini-movies I sometimes make have a humorous take on some of the blisters that couples face along their blissful way. Episode #13 looks at the tension between the "guy holiday" of Super Bowl Sunday versus the "gal holiday" of Valentine's Day.   Links to my other recent Wedded Blisster episodes follow the video below.   Here are two other installments of this Wedded … [Read more...]

An MLK Day Chat With Cleverbot…

Holidays provide a great reason to have a discussion with Cleverbot. What's Cleverbot you ask? Cleverbot, is a web-based Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) application that supposedly has the ability to learn by conversing with humans via an instant messaging platform. It's a real-world, social-technology experiment that I regularly engage. While it’s a stretch to say that Cleverbot is intelligent, interacting with this particular “thinking” software can be mildly entertaining…especially … [Read more...]

Salvation – yup, there’s an app for that…

Here's a guest post from a funny writer that I've featured before. His name is Bryan Logan. Check out his blog HERE and his entertaining post below. [EdiTOR's Note: When Bryan first submitted this post, I thought it was a cleverly "deceptive" spoof. However, Bryan happens to conceptualize and write programming code for mobile applications. The idea he writes about below is actually a real, mobile application he developed.] If you’d like to submit a guest post for The Daily ReTORt you … [Read more...]

Cleverbot talks New Year resolutions and Apocalypse

Last year I discovered Cleverbot, which is a web-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that supposedly has the ability to learn by conversing with humans via an instant messaging platform. No one in their right mind would call Cleverbot intelligent but interacting with this particular “thinking” software can be mildly amusing. I thought it was about time to talk with Cleverbot about its New Year resolutions and the Mayan Apocalypse - here's an unedited transcript of our … [Read more...]