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Book Review: It’s All About Relationship

Before I got up the nerve to ask my wife on our first date nearly two decades ago, I relied a great deal on the feedback from her friends to try and triangulate my feelings for her as well as gauge her interest in me. However, once we started dating the time we spent together talking and sharing experiences soundly trumped any past interactions with her friends because I had a direct line connecting me to her. That's how I felt after reading Keith Ferrin's book 10 Tips for Liking the … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Beat the Honey Do List

Here's a guest post from a great writer, Marie Ortiz, who's a part-time staff writer for www.DIYMother.org and a full time social media manager. She is a mother to two beautiful girls and enjoys teaching them and watching them grow. She loves to share her findings along the way. If you'd like to write a guest post for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines here: ======================== My husband and I have been married for ten years and together, we made and raised two … [Read more...]

How to Enjoy the Company of Your Spouse

This is a guest post by Joseph Lalonde. He is a youth leader at Oak Crest Church of God and leadership blogger at JMLalonde.com. Joseph shares leadership tools and encourages you to become a better leader. Connect with him on Twitter or at his blog. If you'd like to submit a guest post for The Daily Retort check out the submission guidelines HERE. ============================= One of the best choices I made in my life was to marry my wife, Pam. She's been by my side ever since we … [Read more...]

Why We Need More Pinky Promises

Here’s a guest post from a talented writer and graphic designer, Maria Cowell. Check out her site HERE or follow her on Twitter: @HipMamaMedia. If you’d like to submit a guest post for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines HERE. ============================= Some places are more free-wheeling than others. I live in Southern California, the epicenter of the laid-back lifestyle. Seriously, dressing up for a wedding here means wearing the flip-flops with rhinestones instead … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Help Your College Kids Cope

This is a guest post from Mariana Ashley who's a blogger and freelance writer for www.onlinecolleges.net. She offers advice for choosing the perfect online program for prospective students and parents, welcoming comments at mariana.ashley031@gmail.com. If you'd like to write for The Daily ReTORt, check out the guidelines here: ====================== Heading into the New Year, colleges across the nation are reporting a rise in mental health cases. Depression leads the pack of … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a New Year Resolution

This time of year, it's obligatory to write a post about New Year Resolutions - it comes with the blogging territory. One of my top resolutions for 2013 will be to spend more time with my family offline, which means less time online. Toward that ultimate goal, here's an interesting infographic from the fine folks at World of Infographics that looks at the most common types of resolutions that are made each year as well as other statistics - such as resolution failure rates. Regardless, … [Read more...]

Where Father Figures, Figure in the Family

Here's a great guest post from a blogging buddy of mine Jared Latigo. Jared is a writer, speaker and passion guy. His vision in life is to have more people love their work than ones that hate it. Be sure to check out his blog at JaredLatigo.com or follow him on Twitter @JaredLatigo. Here's his post: ---------------------------------------------- I'm on a mission in this life to figure out exactly where I "fit." Maybe you are too? Good. We'll get along just fine then. But often … [Read more...]

Top-10 List: Holiday Christmas Specials

I'm amazed at all of the holiday specials that are playing and replaying this time of year. Growing up during the 1970s with only three TV networks, holiday specials were truly "special." My fondest memories of those days were the "Animagic" Christmas specials produced by Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass. You know the stop-motion classics about Rudolph, Heat Miser, the Winter Warlock...etc. Now, ABC Family Channel's 25 Days of Christmas is running those specials wall-to-wall, decked … [Read more...]

An Unexpected e-Mail of Encouragement

A few weeks ago I wrote here about some of the health issues I've been dealing with lately. As a general update, every week I'm feeling better and getting healthier. I plan to provide more specific results after the New Year. Since my first post on these health issues, I've received many well wishes of encouragement. Below is an e-mail that stood out because it came from a blogger buddy of mine who's living in Paraguay with his family. His name is Ken Hagerman. He's a missionary and … [Read more...]

Open Letter to the Makers of Elf on the Shelf

To Whom It May Concern: Thank you for creating the Elf on the Shelf franchise of books, cookies, plush dolls, DVDs...etc. which enable parents such as my wife and me the privilege of paying $29.95 to deceive our children. The Story of the Elf As you well know, your fabricated story of the Elf asserts that he/she appears in the child's home between Thanksgiving and Christmas as a behavioral scout for Saint Nick, to keep an eagle eye on the children for the "naughty and nice" list. The … [Read more...]