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Best Book of the Year – Platform: Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt - Best-selling author of Platform

On Friday, I wrote about Michael Hyatt‘s pending launch of his new book Platform: Get Noticed in a Noisy World 

This book was written for anyone who has a message, service or craft that they want people to know about – written by someone who’s done it with great success!

Today is the start of a week-long offer where Michael is giving anyone who buys his book through this Friday the 25th, a suite of free bonus products worth $375.98.  The details of the offer are here – but it’s only available this week.

I personally jumped on this offer this morning (buying several copies to give away to my blog readers this week) because I trust and respect Michael as a person, and his advice in this book is invaluable.

Here’s the review of Michael’s book that I posted on Amazon, after reading an advance copy from him:

It’s not enough to simply have great ideas or products – your potential audiences need to know that those ideas and products exist.

Regrettably, audiences are becoming more fragmented and desensitized to all types of messages, which makes it harder than ever for your voice or ideas to be heard.

The problem is further compounded because most creative types with big ideas, don’t have the first idea as to what it takes to promote, position, place, price or package their genius for mass consumption.

That’s where Michael Hyatt’s insightful new book can help. He proposes that regardless of the product, service or message you’re offering, you need to have a platform from which to launch.

Rockets aren’t launched lying down – they require a platform for maximum trajectory, reach and impact. The author clearly outlines the “5 planks” necessary to build your own platform as well as the nitty gritty steps it’ll take leading up to your launch.

This guy knows what he’s talking about. He’s helped launch hundreds of bestselling books during his 30+ years in the publishing industry, before he decided to leave his CEO gig at one of the largest publishing company’s in the world to launch his own meteoric career as an author, national speaker and leadership consultant.

You can either make all the mistakes yourself or skip that heartache, wasted energy and time by preparing for your personal moonshot with the distilled rocket fuel contained in the pages of this book.

Don’t miss out on the chance to get a bunch of other free information products from Michael – here’s the link again – click here.

Question: What message or service do you want people to know about?

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