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Top-10 List: Holiday Christmas Specials

I'm amazed at all of the holiday specials that are playing and replaying this time of year. Growing up during the 1970s with only three TV networks, holiday specials were truly "special." My fondest memories of those days were the "Animagic" Christmas specials produced by Arthur Rankin and Jules Bass. You know the stop-motion classics about Rudolph, Heat Miser, the Winter Warlock...etc. Now, ABC Family Channel's 25 Days of Christmas is running those specials wall-to-wall, decked … [Read more...]

A Labor Day Conversation With Cleverbot…

Last year I discovered Cleverbot, which is a web-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) application that learns to speak by conversing with humans via an instant messaging platform.   While it's a stretch to say that Cleverbot is intelligent, interacting with this particular learning software can be mildly entertaining. Here's one of my favorite interviews with Cleverbot from St. Patrick's day.   Since today was Labor Day, I thought it would be interesting to get Cleverbot's take on this … [Read more...]

Top-10 List: Creepiest Clowns Ever

I have to confess that I suffer from a disorder that currently has no cure. It's a mild case but a haunting problem that few people talk about.  But I'm breaking my silence.  I have coulrophobia - an acute fear of clowns. While this may not have the same high-profile cache as other phobias such as fear of water, heights or overly-hairy women it is a real disorder and not a laughing matter. In an effort to face this fear, I've compiled a list of the Top-10 Creepiest Clowns … [Read more...]

5 Tips to Break a Creative Block

Creativity Takes Work Anyone who has done any kind of writing for an extended period of time will eventually experience some form of writer's block or creative dry spell. It simply comes with the territory. I used to be a news reporter with multiple deadlines throughout the day and had to deal with writer's block regularly. You might think it would be easy to write about "news of the day" but that's not always the case. That's especially true if I was assigned a low interest, low … [Read more...]

7 Questions With an Author: Alice Chan, Ph.D.

This is my weekly series titled 7 Questions With an Author... where I pose seven questions to an author and then share their unedited answers here. Today's author is Dr. Alice Chan, a former professor at Cornell University and current inspirational speaker, author and coach. Her most recent book is titled Reach Your Dreams: Five Steps to be a Conscious Creator in Your Life. Here is 7 Questions With Author: Alice Chan =============================================== 1. Tell us about your … [Read more...]

Top-10 List: Traffic Pet Peeves

Stock Photo of a DC-area Traffic Jam For whatever reason, climbing behind the wheel of a car transforms the average rational individual into a self-absorbed idiot. I'm not immune to that phenomenon. However, this post is not about me and my road rage fantasies - it's about all the other idiots driving on the road. Here in the greater Washington, DC area there seems to be a disproportionate number of idiot drivers (IDs) per square foot of asphalt. As such, here's a list of my top-10 … [Read more...]

5 Things About Your Childhood….

This marks the 350th blog post I've written since this blog began in June 2010. Most of what I've written has been about my family and me. Interesting, a lot of who we have become as adults is derived from our experiences as a kid. As such, I'm curious to find out the following five things about your childhood that you can answer in the comments: 1. How many kids were in your family growing up? 2. What's a favorite childhood game or way to play that you recall? 3. What was your favorite … [Read more...]

Book Review: 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo

I've been a professional writer (journalist and public relations guy) for more than 23+ years, but I'm a relative newbie in the realm of blogging and the blogosphere in general. As such, I'm continually on the hunt for new books that will help me improve as a blogger. I've found a great one in Bryan Allain's new e-book, 31 Days to Finding Your Blogging Mojo currently available at Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble.com. As background, Allain has been an expert blogger since 2001 and he … [Read more...]

Farewell to Summer: My Half Marathon – Photos and Results

A few weeks ago, I completed the annual Frederick Running Festival for the third time and I'm just getting around to posting the photos. Unfortunately, this year they only offered a half-marathon (13.1 miles) as opposed to the full (26.2). I was able to finish the full run with a completion time of 5:20 last year and 4:58 the year prior. Apparently they cut the race back to a half this year because the back leg of the full marathon was deemed "too dangerous" since it was run along the … [Read more...]

Storage Wars: How a TV Show Resembles the Kingdom of Heaven

Courtesy of A&E Channel This week I submitted a television review to an online publication called The Christian Post, which has a faith-based readership and perspective on the news - as if the pub's title wasn't enough of a giveaway to that fact. My review takes a look at the genre of "treasure hunting" reality shows - such as Storage Wars, which is pictured here - and draws a parallel between that type of programming and the Kingdom of Heaven. Now that might be a stretch but … [Read more...]