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An Ending and a Beginning – all on the same day

Yesterday afternoon marked the end of the Launch Conference that I’ve been attending since Sunday.

It has truly been a tremendous learning experience.

The video blog below marks my third installment of the trip and I recorded it late yesterday afternoon.

I talk about the close of the Launch Conference and the start of the SCORRE Conference, which was just about to get underway when I made the video.

EdiTOR’s Note: Please be advised, I tried a little “motion effect” in the video that may make you reach for some Dramamine.

I’ll be posting another video later this afternoon when we have some spare time from the training.

In that video, I’ll tell you about the complete collapse I had during the first presentation I had to deliver to our small group last night. (Ugh!)

Question: Have you every flopped in front of an audience?

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  1. I was presenting a status update to my department. I was talking about some of the technical design decisions we were making, and ended up saying something, that while technically accurate, ended up being worded equivalently to a….well….crude act. I realized what I said, but continued to press on. I could see my coworkers trying not to break up laughing and contain themselves till the end of the presentation.

  2. Yes, Tor, that did make me dizzy. Are you using your smart phone to do that?

  3. Burgeoning videographer ;)

  4. Glad you’re enjoying Vail. Love that place.

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