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25 Christmas songs in 2 minutes

Photo Credit: Creative Commons - knacker_knowles

Photo Credit: Creative Commons – knacker_knowles

The holidays tend to bring out the best in people – particularly from a creative perspective.

Here’s a creatively, entertaining video from the folks over at ignitermedia.com – they produce a variety of faith-based videos, skits and production pieces.

In this particular segment Rob Thomas (aka “Johnny”) and Braun Brown (aka “Chachi”) regale us with 25+ Christmas songs in less than 120 seconds.

Don’t let the goofy wigs or extreme orthodontia scare you, it’s a pretty cool accomplishment.

Question: Do you have a favorite holiday song?

  • http://theromanticvineyard.com/ Debi Walter

    Ha! I love this!!! I’ve shared it with all my FB friends. Yes, the wigs and dental appliances are a bit of a distraction, but the arrangement is amazing just the same. Thanks, Tor!

    • TorConstantino

      Thanks for the comment Debi – it’s always appreciated!

  • http://www.esauproject.com Julie Shreve

    Too funny. Note that they ended with Feliz Navidad…Ugh…

    • TorConstantino

      I know, even in parody it’s overexposed….

  • http://askjeremyjones.com/theblog Jeremy Jones

    haha! I know my wife would roll her eyes, but this kind of stuff cracks me up. thanks for sharing….I’ll be passing this along :)