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Amazing Ping Pong Video…

As a kid growing up my family had a ping pong table in our basement that my friends and I used to spend hours playing on weekends. I always had fond memories of table tennis – so much so, my wife and I talk about possibly getting a table for our own rec room when the girls get a bit taller.

In the meantime, we bought the Wii Resort game and controller upgrades when that option came available last year because its table tennis feature got great reviews.

Now our oldest is not such a fan of the electronic ping pong but our youngest is awesome at it and she beats me almost every time. We’ll see how she fairs on a regulation table.

Having said that check out, this amazing ping pong video – it reminds me of why I never went pro.

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  1. I was first introduced to the high level of professional table tennis when I saw Forest Gump (ok, I live a sheltered life). I was AMAZED at their speed. I’m just happy it’s a game my husband and I are about equal at so can play without one or the other dominating all the time!

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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