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7 Questions With an Author: Keith Ferrin

Speaker, author and blogger Keith Ferrin

Speaker, author and blogger Keith Ferrin

This post marks another installment of my “7 Questions With an Author…” series, where I ask published authors an unchanging set of questions and share their responses here.

Today’s featured author is Keith Ferrin.

Keith is a speaker in high demand, an author of several books, a blogger, communications coach and personal friend of mine. His latest book is 10 Tips for Liking the Bible as well as its companion study guide.

Here are 7 Questions With an Author: Keith Ferrin.

1. Tell us about your book?

With this one, the title really says it all: 10 Tips for Liking the Bible (Because Believing It’s True Is Not Enough). Truth be told, most people don’t like the Bible. We might believe it, but if we don’t like it, we won’t be consistent, and we won’t reap the benefits either. It is when we marry the benefits of applying the Bible to an increased enjoyment of it, that we will end up truly knowing and loving the Author (which, I think, is kind of the point).

2. What led you to write it?

I spent twenty years not really liking the Bible. I didn’t dislike it, as much as I didn’t even really think I was supposed to like it. I thought believing it and reading it was enough. Only after several different experiences (too long for here but told in the book), I found out I could actually enjoy the Bible. The last twenty years have been much, much better.

3. Who is a writer that inspires you and why?

Bob Goff is a writer who is really getting to me (in a good way) these days. He does three things really well. First off, he’s 10 Tips Final Cover simply a good writer who is fun to read. He also puts deep concepts into everyday language – something I strive to do as well. Finally, he makes faith in Jesus a “real life” thing, which is what it should be. Not something that only applies to Sunday mornings at 9:30am.

4. What was the biggest challenge you faced writing this book?

It might sound strange, but the biggest challenge was dealing with how it grew into a much bigger project than I intended. Originally, I was going to write a short eBook that I would give away to blog subscribers. I showed it to a few people who said it would be way better if I expanded it and created a study guide. Now we’re talking about a video series for small groups. Not the 45-day project I originally thought. But heaps more fun!

5. What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

Write your passion, and write for someone. Too many people write about a topic. For example, I didn’t want to just write a book about reading the Bible. I wanted to write a book for regular people who are stuck in the cycle of I-should-read-the-Bible-but-I-don’t-like-it. If your book is about something, but you don’t know who it is for, no one will read it.

6. Where do you get your ideas?

I listen as much as possible to what people are struggling with when it comes to the Bible and walking this hard, beautiful road of following Jesus. Most of those conversations happen in four spaces: after a speaking engagement, over email, on my blog, or in various social media spaces (Facebook and Twitter primarily).

7. Anything that you’d like readers to know that I haven’t asked?

I guess the main thing is that I’m writing while on the journey, not from the finish line. I don’t pretend for a second to have all the answers. My writing is about getting ideas out there and starting conversations. I love hearing what other people have learned, what they struggle with, and how we can help each other. Oh, one more thing: I believe that ice cream is pretty solid evidence that there is a loving Creator.

Bio: Keith Ferrin is an author, blogger, conference speaker, and Biblical storyteller. Everything he does stems from a desire to help people come to know that the living Word of God is a reality…not a phrase. You can connect with him on his blog(www.keithferrin.com), Facebook (www.facebook.com/keithferrin), Twitter (www.twitter.com/KeithFerrin), and Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/keithferrin).

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  1. Love that key point-write FOR someone. To make it a conversation- and, therefore, more enjoyable and understandable by others.

  2. Good stuff, Tor. Thanks for the introduction. I’m going to check it out.

  3. Sounds like an interesting book. I like the Bible, it’s just sections of it I don’t like.

  4. Nice interview. I started liking to read the Bible when, like you said, faith became more of “real life” thing in my life…a relationship. Last year, one of my desires was to read through the whole thing in a year. I picked a plan that had me reading a chapter in the Old, a chapter in the New, a portion of a Psalm and Proverb daily. I genuinely loved it and woke up in the morning excited to see what I would learn next. I was amazed at how much God opened my eyes to.

    Oh, I would agree ice cream is proof of a Creator…that and coffee!

  5. It’s interesting how those short projects can grow into big ones. I’m looking forward to reading the book. Thanks for the great interview!


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  2. […] To find out more about Keith and this book, please read the interview I posted yesterday titled “7 Questions With an Author: Keith Ferrin.“ […]

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