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7 Questions With an Author: Jon Stolpe

Stretched-HEADSHOT-Sidebar1-298x300This post marks the latest installment of my “7 Questions With an Author…” series, where I ask published authors an unchanging set of questions and share their responses here.

Today’s author is Jon Stolpe

Jon is an online writing buddy who’s been blogging for years at his entertaining and informative siteJon Stolpe Stretched – where he writes about a wide range of topics. He has a passion for family, leadership development, missions, and personal growth.

Here’s seven questions with author Jon Stolpe

1. Tell us about your book?

On Track – Life Lessons from the Track & Field is all about encouraging readers to get their lives on track.  On Track takes observations from the track and field world and applies them to everyday life.

The book combines my love for running, my appreciation for writing, and my faith.  Throughout the book, I share some of my own stories and lessons from the starting blocks and the practice field to the finish line.  The book is isn’t just for the runner or athlete.  It provides practical life lessons we all can embrace.

If you’re stuck in a rut or need a little guidance in finding your way, this book will help you get On Track!

On Track – Life Lessons from the Track & Field released on Amazon on April 22, 2014.  It will be available in paperback and digital eBook.

2. What led you to write it?

Over the past several years, I have learned to enjoy running.  I’ve actually run a few marathons and several half marathons.  More recently, my kids started running track and cross country.  I love going to their meets.  The more I hung around the track, the more I started to parallels to life.  On Track provided a great venue to share the lessons I’ve observed.

3. Who is a writer that inspires you and why?

Jon Acuff is one of the writers who inspires me.  I can relate to his journey from the corporate world into the world ofOnTrack3dCover04132014-225x300 writing.  I also love how he used his blogging community to build a couple of schools in Vietnam.  This was part of the inspiration for utilizing my own blog to build homes in Guatemala.

4. What was the biggest challenge you faced writing this book?

Time is always one of the biggest challenges.  I am an operations manager for a construction firm in the Philadelphia area.  I have a wife and two teenagers.  I’m active in my church.  I run five or six days a week.  And I write.  Fitting it all in means I probably don’t get the sleep I need sometimes.

5. What advice would you give to an aspiring writer?

You can do it!  The biggest advice I can give an aspiring writer is to talk to other authors.  I have learned so much by talking to those who have done it before me.  Most authors are willing to share what they have learned in their own writing journey.  Listen to them; take notes; and start writing for yourself.

6. Where do you get your ideas?

Life.  God has given us so many unique opportunities to experience life.  I keep my eyes and ears open to the world around me.  I get ideas from work, from church, from my wife, from my kids, and even from the track and field.

7. Anything that you’d like readers to know that I haven’t asked?

When I started my junior year in high school, I was 5 feet 6 inches tall.  Now, I’m a foot taller.  As I began to grow, my friends started calling me Stretch.  The nickname came to mean more to me over the years when I realized that God was allowing me to STRETCH through the experiences of life.  When I was trying to come up with a theme for my blog, I kept coming back to the concept of stretching.  Jon Stolpe Stretched is about sharing my stretch marks, and I hope my stories and reflections will encourage others to stretch as well.

BIO:  Jon runs in the northwest suburbs of Philadelphia, and he can often be found hanging around the track or cross country course cheering on his kids.  Jon writes about life’s stretch marks on his popular blog, Jon Stolpe Stretched.  Visit with Jon at www.JonStolpe.com.


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