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10 Possible Titles for Jon Acuff’s “Quitter” Sequel

"Side Hugging" My Nearly-Almost-Friend, Jon Acuff

I’d like to welcome any new readers who may have found this blog after reading my guest post today over on Jon Acuff’s site.

As you may or may not know, Jon is a  national bestselling author. I’ve read each of his books and viewed dozens of his inspirational talks online – needless to say, I’m a huge fan.

So much so that I attended an out-of-state conference this fall just to stalk him…um, er…I mean meet him [see photo insert].

Jon is a supremely gifted writer who specializes in satire and self help, posting outstanding work everyday at his two brilliant blogs – www.jonacuff.com and www.stuffchristianslike.net.

He’s written three books. His most recent one is one of my all-time favorites, titled Quitter. It’s intended to help people bridge the gap between their day job and their dream job.

Quitter is such a great book, I’ve signed up to attend Jon’s Quitter Conference in Nashville, Tennessee in February 2012. Seats are still available but they’re filling up fast – you can get details by clicking HERE.

I consider myself a “friend” of Jon’s in the absolute loosest definition of the term, and even though I’m only on the most outer edge of the Acuff-acquaintance bubble,  I’ve taken it upon myself to help Jon name his Quitter sequel – assuming he writes one. 

Here are 10 possible titles I came up with for Jon Acuff’s sequel to Quitter.

10. Fritter – For people who want an alternative to donuts and fry cakes
9. Glitter – Aimed at anyone seeking to make a living as a professional be-dazzler
8. Jitter – A book for those looking to switch to decaf
7. Splitter – For future lumberjacks, wood pile stackers or would-be tree cutters
6. Zitter – The definitive guide to help people achieve their dermatological dreams
5. Fitter – For insane folks who ordered P90X2 because P90X wasn’t tough enough
4. Litter – Geared toward dog people who aspire to become cat people
3. Spitter – A guide for smokers trying to stop by stepping down to chewing tobacco
2. Gritter – Getting people to end their nocturnal teeth clenching
1.  Pitter – For people with a fear of large seeds inside of plums, peaches and nectarines 

Question: What other possible titles am I missing and who might buy them?

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  1. Bitter – for people who just can’t get over it.

    Congrats on the guest post!

    Hey Tor, love the new look to your blog and the videos! Great stuff bro! You might change your gravatar, it doesn’t seem to communicate the “you” I experience here. Blessings, Rob

  2. Bitter — what happens when you don’t put in the work Jon suggests in his advice

  3. Really good book by your dear friend Jon, and worthy of not only a sequel but a complete movement. I read it on my Kindle app which make those non digital references to a physical book “write about your recovered dream in the blank pages” etc. make me feel like a gen-x-er touch screening and swipe-ing with abandon.
    1) Quitter 2: finding dignity in begging for your old day job.
    2) Quitter too: a secularistical version of Quitter with Morman, OWS, and car dealer examples, also an evangelistic tool.
    3) Quiting on a dime: a Far Side like colander with 365 amazing quit bombs with goofy caracitures of Jon’s humor.

    • iPad fail….there s a glitch in the post widget that prevents editing, and ability to turn a spaghetti cooking tool back into a way to remember birthdays…I give up its happening again :)

  4. Emitter — the keening wail made by someone who jumps from day job to dream job too soon.

  5. awesome titles and descriptions! :)

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